SR may refer to: ; Senor (Spanish: Mister); Senhor (Portuguese: Mister); Senior; Sister; Suriname; Systematic Review; State Route; State Road; Scientific Research; Santa Rosa (California); Surrogate; Service Representative; Southern Region (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America); San Ramon (northern California); Special Report; Social Responsibility; Speech Recognition; Survival Rate; Status Report; Short Range; Short-Range; Skid Row (band); Slovak Republic; Schwester (German: Sister); Shadowrun; Satellite Radio; Saddle River (New Jersey); Search and Rescue; Sustained-Release; Southern Railway; Storage Ring; Sniper Rifle; Short Run; Synchrotron Radiation; Savannah River; Status Register; Sound Recording; Service Request; Space Research; Sarcoplasmic Reticulum; Slow Release (medication); Sugar Ray (band); Sampling Rate; Strategic Reconnaissance; Standard Reference; Semi-Retired; Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Sunderland (postcode, United Kingdom); Speed Racer (cartoon); Serbia & Montenegro; Sigur Rós (band); Synthetic Rubber; Sunday River (Ski Resort); Saudi Riyal (national currency); Strontium; Satellite Receiver; Sedimentation Rate; Square Root; Slew Rate; Slide Rule; Slip Ring; ShopRite (supermarket chain); Scavenger Receptor; Sinus Rhythm; Standard Rate; Service Record; Search and Retrieval (computer searches); Social Reform; Shift Register; Senate Resolution; Service Report; Sin Reservas (Guatamalen cable TV show); Shared Resources; Studies in Religion (various locations); She-Ra (He-Man character); Supervision and Regulation; Surveillance Radar; Strategic Review; System Requirement; Special Reserve; Saarländischer Rundfunk (German Radio and TV Station); Slow Response; Symbol Rate; Saturday Review; Swan River (Canada); Special Relativity; Source Rock (geology); Swiss Air (Airline of Switzerland); Stateroom; Short Reach (fiber); Scenic Railway (amusement park ride); Short Radius (piping elbow); Seaman Recruit (USN Rating); Software Review; Support Request (technical support); Short Rod; Stage Right; Support Requirements; Scientific Racism (pseudoscience); Source Routing (ATMF); Sergei Rachmaninov (classical composer); Socialist-Revolutionary (Russian political party); Sam Roberts (musician); Side Release (buckle); Special Rapporteur (French: Special Talebearer; UN); Send & Receive; Strike Rate (cricket scoring); Summer Resident (nature); Service Release; Serine/Arginine-Rich (proteins); Site Representative; Supporting Research; Soul Reaver (video game); Single Replacement (chemical reaction); Signature Range (food brand); Scanning Radiometer; Shady Records (record label); Sun Roof; Software Radio; Soil Resistance; Source Range; Steradian (metric unit of solid angle); Sugar Rush (UK TV series); Selected Reserve; Safety Release; Shock Rifle (gaming, Unreal tournament); Signaling Rate; Safety Rod; Standard Repair; Sortie Rate; Serum Replacement (biochemistry); Special Review; Shunt Reactor (power electronics); Sediment Regime; Spectral Response; Surveillance Requirement; State Relay; Stochastic Resonance (statistics); Spring Roll; Severity Rate; Sender Report (computing); Steam Reforming; Senior Rater; Special Regulations; Set Reset; Sul Ross State University (Alpine, Texas); Sabbath Recorder (Seventh Day Baptist publication; Wisconsin); Spell Resistance (gaming); Sonic Revolution (game); Siracusa, Sicilia (Syracuse; Italian province); Special Reconnaissance; Saitama Railway (Japan); Sensor Reader; Spending Review; Special Recovery; Standardized Regulations; Synchronizing Resources (concurrent programmming language); Status Response (Hekimian); Strategy Runner (Automated investment and trading software company); Sveriges Riksdag (Swedish: Sveriges Radio); Shoulder Rotations (exercises); Sum Rule; Shipment Request; Special Requirement; Spectral Recording (Dolby); Sporting Rifle (smokeless powder type); Superior Rectus (eye muscle); Separate Rations; Selective Ringing; Session Relay (computer networking); Soldiers Radio; Se Renta (Spanish: for rent); Spot Repair; Special Recommendation (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering; France); Stress-Resistant (pig genetics); Stress Rupture; Scan Ratio; Stem Rot; Spreading Resistance; Supply Road; Secretary/Records; Scheduled Result; Sunset Riders (game); Steel Radial (tire technology); Shielded Receiver; Shiina Ringo (Japanese musician/singer); Sunlight Resistant; Strehl Ratio (optics); Static Representation (software engineering); Specialist Registration; Socialists for Reform (San Marino); Saturable Reactor; Suburban Rhythm (band; also song by Reel Big Fish); Sub-Reflector; Spontaneous Reboot; Spare Row; Stuff Request (Nortel); State Road/Route; Superficial Reflux; Subtract Register; Selbstständiges Referat (German: Independent Unit); Seaplane Reconnaissance Aircraft (US Navy); Segmentation Reassembly (Protocol); Serviço da República (Portuguese official stationery); Serum Receptor (biochemistry); Ship Repair Ratings (US Navy); Span-Restorable; Successively Refinable (data compression system); Silent Reflex; Southern Royalty (hip hop group); Self-Recoverable; Shaft Rate; Sedlighetsroteln (Swedish vice police branch); Sibling Records; Subsonic Radio (forum and streaming radio station); Spray Recirculation; Suppressed Radiation; Short Remittance; Stacker/Retriever; Solar Regenerative; Standard Range Approach; Slow Reversals (PNF technique); Sewer, Run Off; Sind Regiment (Pakistan); Specialized English Training Required; Summaries Recurring; rSound Rating (enegy products); Saarlädischer Rundfunk = Radio Saarland; Air Search Radar Receiver (US Navy); Serim Ral (gaming)



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